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Crafting Your Dreams

It Starts With a Meeting

Vasken Jewellers specializes in crafting bespoke jewellery, tailored to your unique vision. Whether you have a concept in mind from scratch or wish to repurpose old diamonds and jewels, our expert craftsmen bring your ideas to life. Explore the art of customization with us, where every piece is meticulously designed to reflect your individual style and story. Let us turn your dreams into dazzling reality.

From the initial consultation, our experienced artisans work closely with you, understanding your desires and aspirations. Whether it's a sketch, a cherished gem, or a vision waiting to be realized, our team meticulously refines every detail to ensure that the final creation embodies your essence.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our custom jewellery service. If you have inherited or previously owned jewelry that holds sentimental value but might not suit your style, our artisans can reimagine these treasures into stunning, modern pieces, breathing new life into heirlooms and preserving their legacy in a way that resonates with you.

Teresa Spagnuolo

“Service and quality are outstanding!! I had a ring created for my 25th wedding anniversary and Vasken went over and beyond my expectations. I am so happy with his creation and his desire to create the perfect piece."


"Our family has been dealing with him for over 10 years and couldn't be more happy with him. He is kind, generous, efficient, and just overall, wonderful."

Antonietta Groff

“My experiences with both Vasken and Mike have been fantastic! They are both very fair, open, honest and reasonable salespeople. I've purchased a few beautiful items from them and I can say that they are all quality pieces, backed by Vasken Jewellers!”
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