Jewellery Stores in Toronto and Area

Most of us have little experience with choosing fine jewellery until a significant life event occurs. Engagement, wedding, the birth of a child, and milestone anniversaries are occasions for celebration. And what better way to show your love and appreciation than with the gift of a diamond or other fine gemstone?

Choosing the right Toronto area jeweller, however, can be a daunting prospect. With such a wide variety of options available you may wonder where to begin. Although most people are familiar with large retail chain jewellers because of mass media marketing campaigns, purchasing from a wholesale jeweller has many advantages.

The wholesale edge

  1. Price. A lot of customers mistakenly assume that because retail chain stores deal in large volumes of gemstones that their prices will be lower. In fact, chains buy their diamonds and other stones from wholesalers. These "middleman” costs are then passed on to their customers. Only a few independent jewellers import their own stones, eliminating the need for a middleman and the associated costs. Only these stores pass wholesale savings onto the end consumer.
  • Quality of Assessment. Unfortunately, many people buy diamonds or other gems believing that they are of high quality, but discover later that the stones have been overvalued. This often happens when stores hire in-house appraisers, who then have a vested interest in valuing stones as highly as possible. Again only a handful of Reputable jewellers use impartial organizations to appraise stones. These organizations, such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or Gemscan offer more objective evaluations. GIA is a respected not-for-profit agency, and Gemscan is an international company that utilizes cutting-edge technology to make assessments.
  • Custom Design. Although some chain retailers offer custom services, their main focus is on ready-made items. Wholesale jewellers, however, with the right facilities, have great expertise in custom design and creation. You may be surprised to discover that custom pieces are available in every price range, and a unique creation can cost less than some stock jewellery.
  • Choosing a Wholesale Jeweller

    Some tips for choosing the right jeweller for your needs:

    • Search through various websites to find jewellers with a similar aesthetic to your own. Most jewellers have a recognizable style that they've developed over time.
    • Look for a jeweller that's been in business for more than a few years and preferably one who has experience manufacturing and wholesaling diamonds. Check prospective jewellers' reputations by asking for references from previous customers. Do your best to ensure that the company you choose has an ethical approach to every aspect of their business.
    • Don't limit your search to the downtown Toronto area. Overheads for city centre stores can be steep, and many times a fine jeweller in the surrounding area can offer lower prices. Excellent jewellers can be found in Newmarket, Georgetown, Markham, and other smaller cities in the Toronto area.

    Investigate Toronto area jewellers and add sparkle to your special occasion!